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Sexual Qi Gong Master

Enjoy The Sexual Art Of Qi Gong. Get That Feeling Of Boundless Energy And Whole Body Orgasms. Use The Power Of Magnetic Attraction At Any Age Without Drugs, Sprays, Or Love Toys. Practiced By Masters For Longevity And Increased Sexual Power...

In India, Nepal, Tibet, China, and Japan, sexuality has long been regarded as both an art and a science worthy of detailed study and practice. Indeed, the Eastern view is that no learning is complete without a thorough knowledge of the sexual principles underlying all existence. Eastern metaphysical traditions make use of the mystery of sexuality as a means to the transcendental experience of Unity.

Dear Friend,

Are you ready for a whole new level of romantic bliss? Then hold onto your britches because this may be one of the most helpful pieces of information about romantic sex and love that you will ever read.

Sex is usually thought of as either a dirty word or something you shouldn't talk about in mixed company. Typically, we don't think of it as an activity to improve health and make us more powerful.

Sex Is Vitally Important For The Functioning Of The Whole Body, Not To Mention, The Whole Mind.

Most people just don't view sex and love making as a way to strengthen their muscles, tendons, ligaments, and internal organs.

Most don't think of it as a way to keep you younger, fitter, improve your circulation, and enhance your performance for sports, or in the bedroom.

Strengthening your sex muscle can make you more creative and can attract success in your life.

These Secret Arts Were Originally Taught To Enable An Emperor To Enjoy His Harem Of Wives And Concubines Without Depleting His Energies...

As a human being, we naturally have a powerful sex drive, and I will teach you how to control and harness the sexual energy. If we are not using the hormones and nutrients of sexual activity to start a new life we can recycle it to make our own life longer and more enjoyable.

5000 years ago only the Chinese Emperors, his consorts and the emperors' advisors like the Shaolin monks were aware of sexual practices for longevity, power, and super strength.

When you learn these secret practices, you’ll make love consciously and with a totally different intention, you can use the emotional power of sex to accomplish anything and everything you want out of life!

Dr. Wu Dhi's Sexual Qi Gong

Although this "lost" art of lovemaking comes from China, the masses donít know the first thing about it. To this day, the practices are well guarded. For the most part, the only people who knew it were Royalty and their imperial consorts. Miraculously, these people are the ones who live the longest, look the best, and appear to attract success like magic. You can change any sexual frustration and become a Master of Sexual Qi Gong!

Within a few weeks of practicing the exercises contained in Dr. Wu Dhiís Sexual Qi Gong:

  • Your strength, power and a new found confidence will emerge
  • You will attract the opposite sex to you without even trying
  • Sexual Qi Gong moves energy (Qi) to balance relationships
  • Improves Hearing
  • If you're a man your Yang Qi (masculinity) will strengthen
  • A woman will transform blockages and attract romance and power

Men, this might sound a bit strange, but women want men to want them. Then they want men to make them feel beautiful, to slow down and patiently explore them with limitless curiosity.

Put simply in Chinese terms, both the yin and yang need to be balanced If your hormone and testosterone levels have declined then you're probably waking up "tired and sexually depleted" more often than you'd like to admit.

When out of balance, men become more Yin - or feminine, and woman are just out of sorts.

In China, These Secrets Have Been Known
For Ages... And There Is A Solution!

In fact, if you frequently or regularly suffer from any of the following problems or symptoms, then Dr. Wu Dhiís Sexual Qi Gong can help you a great deal!

Listed below are items that are usually due to the lack of fulfilling and loving sex life:

  1. Lack of self-confidence
  2. Poor health
  3. Lower back pain
  4. Selfishness
  5. Not interested in Sex
  6. Depression
  7. Unable to relax
  8. Dryness or painful sex
  9. No Energy
  10. Weakness in knees
  11. Easily angered
  12. Lack of creativity

Sex Is The Elixir Of Life

You will learn a series of secret internal exercises, meditations, breathing techniques reserved for royalty and yogis. You will also learn the proper nutrition, herbs, and foods that will strengthen the Yang and balance the Yin. Within a few days you will feel a stronger sexual power and you will be absolutely amazed!

The truth is, I KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that this system of lovemaking works! It turns sexual dysfunction into sexual power. Closed blocked energy into openness. A re-emerging of Sexual Energy and Romance!

The Power Of Dr. Wu’s
Secret Sexual Qi Gong System

This system comes to you in a series of DVD's and CDís so that you can view the private seminar in the comfort of your own home or listen to it anytime. The course is loaded with techniques, Ideas and methods that you will be astonished to hear about.

Yet, once you begin applying them, prepare yourself for a life-changing experience. In fact, prepare for one life-changing experience after another.

Here's what you will you learn in this hands-on seminar:

  1. How to increase Kidney Qi in the body, so that you wake up strong like a bull
  2. Why sex isn't dirty, why it's for supreme health, and how it will increase your power
  3. How to quickly double the amount of time you can make love and enjoy your partner
  4. Why the Oriental sexual practices will extend your life
  5. Why Yin and Yang Sexual Qi Gong is vitally important for both men and woman
  6. How to give and absorb the energy of your partner (the afterglow) to insure that you both gain energy
  7. Specific areas of the body to massage each day to strengthen your sexual organs
  8. How great lovemaking can bring you greater success, creativity, and strengthen your immune system
  9. How to avoid losing your Jing prematurely
  10. How to be the most confident man or woman for your lover and how to make sure they will be totally satisfied and never stray
  11. Exactly where a woman should massage a man to arouse his passion and what a man should be doing to make her plead for more
  12. The secret pressure point, that only the Sexual Masters and their lovers know
  13. The Taoist 9 step dance of a "Love master”
  14. The best positions for making love, how they can increase strength and vital energy for maximize pleasure to create mind-blowing orgasms!
  15. Alchemical Elixirs to increase your sexual power and longevity
  16. Foods and herbs that increase sexual appetite, as well as the foods to avoid like poisons
  17. Lovemaking positions that help you lose ugly belly fat, strengthen your back, and build your body from head to toe
  18. Powerful visualization and meditation exercises for sexual strength

Once You Get Started Watching The DVD's
And Listening To The CD's, Youíll Be Hooked.
And Once You Start Doing What I Recommend, Your Sexual Power Will Expand Beyond Belief.

At This Point You're Probably Wondering, "How Can I Get Started?"

When you consider all the changes it can make In your life – How much would you happily be willing to pay to have a magic wand given to you that can make your life totally pleasurable?

How much do people spend on pills, sex toys, vibrators - and so on?

A pill won't make you more creative or boost your immune system.

However, Dr. Wu’s Sexual Qi Gong Program
Can And Will.

It will also make you younger, more vitally alive and healthier. I value my health more than anything. And when I come across a "system" that gives great health and happiness, let me tell you, I am all over it - especially when it's on something as exciting as SEX.

Programs like this cost thousands of dollars to learn and most masters won’t give you all the goods. They hold back on the real secrets. The good news is I am going to share these secret teachings with you at an increasable savings. Holding Back Nothing.

I have previously sold this system at $597.

For the next 50 people who order today, as part of a special marketing test, I'm going to give you a huge discount. This means I'm going to make it available to you for only $349 plus S&H.

So get your savings by ordering today!

I wish you good Health and Longevity,

Dr Wu Dhi


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