The Secret Mantra...

Six Words That Will
Change Your Life

Above: Artists Conception
Of The Six Realms Of Existence

If you want to get really great at something, it takes practice, whether it’s a sport, learning a mathematical formula or doing a meditation.

If you want to attract something, you have to start living it.

When I first learned to meditate, I practiced morning, noon and night until I owned the practice.  That’s called “Embodying the Work.”

My Teacher instructed me to repeat a special prayer or mantra. 

Hearing about all the benefits that it would give me, I didn’t hesitate to ask him to teach me everything. He agreed, but requested I had to repeat the mantra 100,000 times.

Doing some quick calculations, I figured that it would take me at least a year or more before I would get the teaching from him.

I Discovered A Way To Take 365 Days Of Spiritual Practice
And Shrink It Into A Single Afternoon

I’d been studying communication skills and the art of learning how to learn for years, Super learning, Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), and subliminal programming.  I knew there are formulas and technologies to absorb these ancient spiritual treasures almost over-night.

A good friend had a company that produced subliminal programs.  I gave him my idea and he said “Your mind is like an iceberg: 10% is the Conscious Mind and 90% is the Subconscious Mind.  Any message that is not filtered out by the Conscious Mind slips into the Subconscious Mind and has a massive effect on attitude and behavior.”

That was just what I was looking for.

I caught the next flight up to his studio and early the next morning I explained exactly what I wanted. We spent the next few days in the recording room adding layer after layer of the mantra subliminally under the chanting of the mantra to create,” The Internal Mantra program.” 

By the time we were through, “The Mantra” was repeated over 100,000 times in a whisper, out louder, in a female voice and a male voice.  This is the key to programming the subconscious mind.

This gets the message into your subconscious as quickly as possible.

As soon as the DVD was completed, I put my subconscious mind through a rigorous work-out. I received...

"A Spontaneous Transmission Of Energy"

In just one hour of listening to “The Internal Mantra” program I knew I had it. It’s called a “spontaneous transition of energy.”

For most people, to do any practice a 100,000 times is unheard of and most likely they would have thrown in the towel - that's a sad thing - but the fact of the matter is that MOST people won't even put in the time in on any one subject.


Because the average person never commits to practicing much of anything.
Ask any teacher, Lama, or Guru from Asia.  They all agree this teaching is all one needs to free themselves of worry and struggle.

I Travelled From The Mountaintops Of Venezuela To The Skyscrapers In New York To Discover These Spiritual Secrets...

In 1978, I was held up in a small mountain village in Venezuela with a group of  meditation students.  When we got word that we were invited to come to New York His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche - scholar, poet, teacher and head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, was coming.

I had the privilege of having a “private audience” with him.

When I asked what would be the best practice I could do, he instructed
me to chant the secret mantra. He said, “This mantra is the most powerful.”

I made this recording at the retreat and had it subliminally mastered for my students and early this year I made the DVD of the teaching called “The Internal Mantra Program.”

“The Internal Mantra program” will lead you through the use of the secret mantra and the teaching of the Six realms. How to practice and understand this ancient teaching to free yourself from suffering.

There is not a single aspect of the eighty-four thousand sections of the Buddha's teachings, which is not contained in the secret mantra.

As such the qualities of the secret mantra are praised again and again in the Sutras and Tantras.

Whether happy or sad, if we take the secret mantra as our refuge, love and health will never forsake us, spontaneous devotion will arise in our minds and the Great Vehicle will effortlessly be realized.

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