In Just A Moment You Will Discover How To Turn Negative Stress Into Positive Energy …

Dr. Wu Reveals How To Turn Negative Stress Into Positive Energy

“How to Turn Negative Stress
into Positive Energy and

Get Everything You Want Done
in Half the Time”

Dear Friend,

Turn Stress Into Power by Dr. Wu Dhi


Is stress draining you of energy, vitality and enjoyment of life? Do you get up tired, feel heavy during the day and go to bed exhausted? If so, I have good news for you. All stress, even the most negative, can be turned into power that helps you enjoy life unconditionally.
It’s 110% guaranteed you suffer from some form of stress every single day of your life.  There are no exceptions to this. But how you handle your stress makes you feel like a powerhouse or a house mouse.  Big difference, don’t you think?
So who are you?
When stress starts to hit, if you lack a system to transform the negative energy its positive equivalent, your body and mind automatically go into “fight or flight.” You get distracted easily.  You’re unable to work.  You can’t handle your relationships.  You get trapped in your track and hit the proverbial wall.  When this happens day after day, some form of dis-ease in your body begins to take hold. Before you know it, a plethora of health problems begin to arise.  And you either burn-out or just drop dead from some ailment.
For instance, take a look at people who are juggling twenty projects at once. Clearly, they’re stressed out. There’s a lot on their plate. And without realizing it, every outstanding or unfinished project is slowly sucking their attention-span, energy and life-force. Before they know it, there is a major build-up or blockage in their body and they become so sick they are unable to do anything. It’s as if they are paralyzed.
The secret to avoid hitting a wall is to take all the daily stress and literally grind it into something else so that the energy flows freely in your body and never gets a chance to build up.
Rather than stressing over 20 projects all at once, you follow an energetic approach that is guaranteed to help you get more done in less time – without feeling run down or run over.
Easier said than done, right?

Get More Done in Less Time

Yet, in my practice I have seen stressed out executives, university professors, athletes and homemakers re-organize their energies and turn stress into power over and over again. With a pro-active mind-set, the projects will not only get completed, they will get completed with flying colors. Yes, you can take the stress in any situation and use it with laser-like accuracy to get any task you have at hand accomplished.
Once you reach your goal of completing a single task with the feeling of satisfaction and elation that comes from an energy transforming program, you’ll feel like you just crossed the finish-line of a triathlon and the crowd is cheering you on. You’ll feel a tremendous surge of energy within.
That surge of energy is the same powerful energy that you will use to tackle the next project. And the faster you begin a project and complete it, the more energy you will derive from it. It doesn’t matter if the project is work related, relationship-oriented, marathon, a contract, sealing a deal or writing a book.  Learn how to churn the negative associations of stress and process it into personal power.
Imagine for a minute, being able to handle stress so well you literally thrive on it.  What if you could mold stress like clay in your hands and work it into anything you want?  What if you could put it where you want to put it, use it for whom you want to use it?  And then be able to toss the remaining stress up into the air and set it and yourself free? 
Imagine being able to do that?  Guess what?

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65 Years Young – Look and Feel 35

You can turn stress into power.  How? By following the easy-to-understand exercises in TURN STRESS INTO POWER.  It’s a program I created over the last 30 years that has worked for me day in and day out.  It’s a way of life.  It’s a mind-set that will give you the tools, exercises and freedom you need to channel any feelings of overwhelm, anger, worry, and fear and sadness into confidence and personal power.
Most of my school mates, friends and family have been busting their humps for years to get ahead in life and now they have a multitude of health problems. They look old and haggard.  They’re stressed out beyond belief. And here I am, at 65 years of age, looking and feeling like I’m 35.
Everyday in my acupuncture and healing practice I work with patients with life threatening and chronic conditions. Yet, unlike your typical western doctor who succumbs around age 57 from the stress of his job, I never take on the stress or energy of those I see. I give them healing energy to transform their lives and send them on their way.

Most physicians, teachers and executives absorb the negative stresses of all those whom they touch each day. Why? Because they never learned how to transform stress! This means that, by default, they are absorbing other’s energy, even if they don’t want to.

One Thing I’ve Had Going for Me

I had one thing going for me over the years.  I always practiced and trained in something known as internal exercise. And I’ve learned from the best teachers and coaches on the planet.
Yes, I was one of the privileged ones who spent the last 32 years working with Masters, Lamas, Gurus, Geniuses, Master Healers, Master Artists… and many Billionaires who guided me through the rough surf to calm healing waters.
I studied martial arts, Qi Gong, the art of blacksmith, the art of gold and silversmith, family theory, group therapy, detox theory, polarity theory, body work, massage, NLP, meditation, applied kinesiology, alchemy, herbology, relationship-counseling, Taoist Sexual counseling, Chinese medicine, Medical Qi Gong and Tibetan medicine.
I’ve even walked on Fire, stood on a bed of sharpened nails, been buried alive, had arrow broken on my neck, spent years in spiritual retreats, fasted, spent months in silent retreat. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.
Why am I telling you all of this?
Because over the years I have learned the best of the best from the best teachers you can find.  I’ve not only learned the secrets to TURN STRESS INTO POWER – I’ve LIVED them. And now I want to pass on my knowledge to YOU – so you can get up each day feeling the way I feel.

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One of the biggest reasons I have slowed down my personal aging process is because I learned what I’m going to teach you in TURN STRESS INTO POWER.
I will coach you in these 24K Gold practices that are usually only taught in the most secret of schools. Now you can have access to the wisdom of the ancients that was usually only taught to those who put in years of suffering and agony to be worthy of learning them.
TURN STRESS INTO POWER contains the exercises, meditations, breathing techniques and more that I will teach you how to do so that we can eliminate the angst of those stressful situations and churn them into gold.
Maybe you’ve been waiting for this opportunity, praying for it, wishing for it.  Maybe you’ve always dreamed of winning the lottery or finding an Aladdin’s lamp, rubbing it and having a magical genie appear and grant you the power to make all your wishes come true.
Well today is your lucky day.  Your ship has come in.  All you have to do is claim your copy of TURN STRESS INTO POWER. 
NOW is the time for you to start living stress-free. NOW is the time to grab life by the horns and take control.
This is your ticket to freedom and personal power. 
Grab your copy of TURN STRESS INTO POWER now and start living your life with the personal power and freedom you enjoyed as a young child.
Take Control of your life-force.  Turn it into power.  Turn it into gold.  Turn it into YOU.
Dr. Wu Dhi
P.S. With each copy of TURN STRESS INTO POWER you’ll also receive ….
Over $1,000 in FREE Gifts with Your Order…

If I were to put a price tag on it, for sure it would be worth way more than a $1,000 on it’s own. I’m not over exaggerating. This is priceless information that I have accumulated over the years from Masters in Psychologist, Lamas, Professional Athletes as well as courses, workshops and private coaches. One cannot really put a value on this type of knowledge.

But I wouldn’t be Dr. Wu Dhi if I charged you a $1,000 or even $500 or $100 for the valuable information in TURN STRESS INTO POWER. I’m only going to ask you for $49.95 plus (S&H). That’s far less than the money wasted on un-used gym memberships, therapy sessions or exercise machines and book that never get read and end up collecting dust. Less than how much it would cost to go on vacations to eliminate stress or spend on medications to get rid of fatigue and health problems.
Better yet, I’m not just going to practically give away all these secret teachings for this incredible low price of $49.95, I’m going to “sweeten the pot” by giving you 3 ADDITIONAL FREE Gifts that will help you even more.

FREE GIFT #1 – The Whole Kit and Caboodle – This is a DVD of all the exercises in TURN STRESS INTO POWER book. This is easily worth the amount of the book alone because you will be able to watch and learn from me personally doing the exercises step by step. It’s almost like a one-on-one private coaching session with Dr. Wu Dhi guiding you through the book. Follow the instructions on this DVD and the magical power of these exercises will be readily apparent.

FREE Gift #2 - 2 admission TICKETS to TURN STRESS INTO POWER 2-Day Seminar – this alone is worth at least $495 each – yours free with your order. You will get the technology you need and hands-on exercises so you will embody this type of work in your everyday life. In turn, you will be able to practice it on your family, friends, business associates and clients.

FREE Gift #3 - An exclusive 1 hour conference call to follow up on the TURN STRESS INTO POWER seminar. This will give you the chance to ask Dr. Wu Dhi any further questions you have regarding the seminar and any details of the exercises and meditations. This is when you will find more about other practices and products that will go hand in hand with this program. 

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